Residents & Fellows

Congrats! You got matched and are finally getting paid (despite the missing zero at the end of your salary) but something doesn’t feel right. Was Financial Planning 101 omitted from your med school curriculum? Are you starting to feel like the traditional financial planning models make sense for others, but not for you? Are you feeling like there aren’t enough hours in the day to become a great doctor while ensuring you’re making the right financial decisions? No, you’re not being a hypochondriac. You’re not like everyone else. This is reality. Your situation is different than the average person’s and therefore needs specialized attention and unique solutions.


  • Overworked and sleep deprived
  • Average salary of $55,050 for first 4 years of career 1
  • Undecided on where to live after residency
  • Average combined student loan debt of $180,723 1
  • Most valuable asset is future earning potential
  • Fellowship is still up in the air
  • Unsure as to what benefit programs to enroll in
  • Internal tug-of-war between saving, investing, and debt reduction

1AAMC Debt Fact Card, October 2015


  • You are overworked and underpaid
  • Your financial situation needs special attention from a qualified advisor

Recommended Treatment

  • Create a customized financial plan that addresses current financial situation while planning for the future
  • Patient was advised to work with an advisor who puts their clients’ interests before their own
  • Referred to a specialist with Physicians Nationwide


  • With prudent planning and proper guidance from a financial advisor that specializes in working with physicians, patients will survive the remainder of their residency/fellowship program and will ultimately have a fulfilling career and enjoy the financial rewards that accompany it.

While a career in medicine can be financially rewarding, it doesn’t always feel like it at the beginning of your career. Breathe easy though. Just like you’ve invested years of your life studying and practicing medicine so that you can help others to the best of your ability, so have we. Our clients were in your scrubs before, we know what you’re facing, and we know how to help.